"Nobody asked it to..."
The North Devon Coast and Countryside has a rich variety of habitats and ecosystems that support a huge diversity of life, and not just the flowers, mini beasts and feathered kind, but us humans to. Our local ecosystems and habitats provide a wealth of services from water management, pollination and disease control to cultural services such as recreation, reflection and spiritual enrichment.

This October 10th the National Trust and Joshua Day Photography hosted the 'Nobody asked it to' photography and film exhibition. The exhibition featured 16 images dramatically displayed in the darkness of the wilds of Morte Point.

Inspired by the services nature provides for us humans and the relationships we have with the natural world, Joshua Day Photography and the National Trust took an audience out onto Morte Point with the lights off, all to focus peoples attention on one question... 'What does nature do for you?'

"With the winds staying light and the rains taking a detour South, the "Nobody asked it to" photography and film exhibition got underway. As the sun dipped below the horizon and heavy cloud loomed above, darkness seemed to fall in an instant. Glowing in the gloom, sixteen images told stories of the importance of our local wildlife for our own health and wellbeing. Over one hundred people braved the dark wilds of Morte Point to share my journey in understanding my place in the green and blue. As emotions ran high, you could have heard a pin drop as the "Nobody asked it to, a journey" film premiered at the exhibition. Shortly after an inspired crowd dispersed and the twinkle of the exhibition faded into the darkness."

Joshua Day

Limited Edition Prints featured at the exhibition are still available to purchase. Download the Limited edition print catalogue.